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Coin Holders and Capsules
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Guardhouse Direct-Fit
Clear Holders - Available for all U.S. Coin Denominations
Guardhouse Direct-Fit Clear Holders for 1-oz.
Silver Bars and Rounds
U.S. Type Set - Cents coin holder in black
U.S. Type Set Coin Holders
Lighthouse 14mm coin capsules
Lighthouse Coin Capsules
Packs of Ten
Guardhouse Tetra snaplock coin holders in 10-packs.
Tetra Snaplock
Coin Holders-10 pack
H.E. Harris Frosted Case, National Park Quarter, 6 holes.
Presidential Dollar Frosted Display Case
H.E. Harris Frosty
Display Cases
State quarters 5-hold frosted display case.
Lincoln Cents P D S snaplock display case
Edgar Marcus
Snaplock Cases
ASE It's A Girl! gift display case
It's A Boy! ASE snaptite gift case
American Silver Eagle Christmas Gift Case
Snaplock Amerian Silver Eagle
Coin Gift Cases
American Silver Eagle Bar Mitzmah gift case
Birth year gift photo and coin holder, blue.
Birth Year photo and coin holder, girl
Graduation Year gift coin holder, black
Special Occasion
Gift Photo and
Coin Holders
H.E. Hasrris red cent coin snaplock holder
Tan large-dollar U.S. coin snaplock case
Color-Coded Single Coin Snaplock Cases
H.E. Harris black snaplock case for U.S. Presidential dollar coins.
Guardhouse Direct-Fit holders for 1-ounce silver bars
Guardhouse Direct-Fit capsules for 1/10th-oz gold eagle
Guardhouse Direct-Fit Clear Holders for Gold Eagles
U. S. Coin Type Coin Holder - Cents
U.S. Proof Set coin holder, black
U.S. Proof & Mint Set
Coin Holders
Orange quarter coin snaplock cases
Guardhouse Direct-Fit clear cent coin holders, pack of 10
U.S. Proof Set coin holder in white