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Guardhouse Tetra 2x2 Snaplock Coin Holders
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These Guardhouse Tetra 2x2 plastic snaplock cases are a great storage solution for your individual coins. Each case contain a black EVA foam interior that holds your coin in place and provides a great background to let your coin shine. Made from sturdy acrylic plastic, these 2" x 2" cases fit perfectly in Guardhouse Tetra display boxes and white Tetra storage boxes. Sold in packs of ten, with sizes for all U.S. Coin denominations, and Gold Eagles.

19mm Cent Holder, #403102
21mm Nickel or $5 Gold Coin Holder, #403103
17.9mm Dime or $2.50 Gold Coin Holder, #403104
24.3mm Quarter Holder, #403105
30.6mm Half Dollar Holder, #403106
38.1mm Large Dollar Coin Holder, #403107
26.5mm Small Dollar Coin Holder, #403108
40.6mm American Silver Eagle Holder, #403109
39mm Silver Round Holder, #403110
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Guardhouse Snaplock cent coin holders
$5.95 Per Pack of 10
To order, choose the coin denomination from the dropdown list, then click "add to cart."
1/10th Ounce American Gold Eagle Holder, #403111
1/4 Ounce American Gold Eagle Holder, #403112
1/2 Ounce American Gold Eagle Holder, #403113
1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Holder, #403114
$20 Gold Coin Holder, #403115
$5.95 Per Pack of 10
Holders for Gold Coins
Choose Coin Denomoination