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Color-Coded Coin Snaplocks
$8.99 Each
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These blister-packs of 2" x 2" U.S. Coin snaplock cases have color-coded inserts and come in a package of six.  To order, choose the color/coin denomination from the dropdown list below, then click "add to cart."
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H.E. Hasrris red cent coin snaplock holder
Cent Coin
Red Snaplock
Item #5664
H.E. Harris blue snaplock for nickel coins.
Nickel Coin
Blue Snaplock
Item #5665
Color-coded snaplock green (dimes) cases
Dime Coin
Green Snaplock
Item #5666
Quarter Coin
Orange Snaplock
Item #5667
Half Dollar Coin
Brown Snaplock
Item #5668
Large Dollar Coin
Tan Snaplock
Item #5669
Sacagawea Dollar
Grey Snaplock
Item #5670
Presidential Dollar
Black Snaplock
Item #5671
Orange quarter coin snaplock cases
Brown half-dollar color coded snaplock cases.
Tan Large Dollar color-coded snaplock case.
H.,.E. Harris grey snaplock case for Sacagawea dollar coins.
Black snaplock case for U.S. Presidential dollar coins.