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Guide Book of
Washington Quarters
2nd Edition--Expanded & Updated
Plus Shipping
The 2nd Edition of the Guide Book of Washington Quarters provides an in-depth study of our nation's most popular modern coin, with the colorful historical research readers expect from he "dean of American Numismatics", Q David Bowers. The guide book includes a biography of the United States' first president, early quarter dollar coins, and the history of the Washington quarter series starting in 1932. Bowers shares secrets of being a smart buyer in today's market with analysis of each coin, year by year, from 1932 to 1998, including a comprehensive section on each quarter for 1999 to date. In addition, you'll find full-color illustrations, current market values, a grading guide, and an appendix on the America the Beautiful silver bullion coins. This is a must-have for every collectors library. Paperback, 352 pages. Item #794832520.
Washington Quarter Collector Guide Book
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