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Keep your collection up to date with these 9-1/8" by 12: annual stamp album supplements.Supplements include both commemorative and regular issue releases for the indicated year, and fit both 2 and 3 post binders.The stamp album supplements listed below are pages only, in black and white. The binder  is sold separately below.
U.S. Liberty Stamp Album Binder
U.S. Liberty Stamp Binder
Holds the album pages Parts A-D, as well as annual supplements (sold separately, see above). Traditonal Blue Statue of Liberty, vinyl clad binder, handsomely decorated and durable. 2-post. Item #18380.
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Annual Supplements for
U.S. Liberty Stamp Binder
2023 U.S. Liberty stamp annual supplement pages
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Blank pages for Liberty Stamp Album supplements..
High quality paper  with borders matching Harris album pages. 64 sheets of paper, printed on front and back. For US/UN/Canada, BLANK. Item #17759.
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Blank Pages for Supplements
2023 (to 11/30/23), item #794850314
2022 (to 11/30/22), item #794850235
2021 (to 11/30/21), item #794849709
2020 (to 11/30/20), item #794848842
2019 (to 11/30/19), item #794848249
2018 (to 11/30/18), item #794846874
2017 (to 11/30/17), item #79484619
2016 (to 11/30/16), item #794844898

Other dates available. If you need another date, contact us for availability.
$9.95 Each
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To order, choose the supplement you want from the dropdown list below, then click "add to cart." You can order multiples of the same supplement at that time, but to add a different one to the order, you need to click "continue shopping" in the shopping cart, then choose the additional folder separately.