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Price Guide for Canadian Coins
Professional Edition
Plus Shipping
This 9th Professional Edition Price Guide contains over 13,500 listings representing more than 15,400 different coins and sets, using nearly 129,000 price points and 37 different grades. Nearly 2,600 new listings have been added since the previous issue.  This invaluable reference to Canadian Coins includes listings and pricing for over 9,000 business denomination coins from 1 cent to 2 dollars and over 300 business denomination sets.
You'll also find listings and pricing for hundreds of variety coins not listed in any other guides, including replica coins, counterfeit coins and counter-stamped coins. Over 3,200 collector coins and sets (including bullion and gold collector coins) are listed with pricing.

You'll find listings and pricing for nearly 750 1823-1947 provincial coins and sets and nearly 1,600 Tokens dating from 1670 to about 1893, and
Invaluable listings and pricing for high grade coins from 1 cent to 1 dollar in MS, PL and SP condition; with grades up to MS66, PL68 and SP68; and eye appeal grades of Gem, Ultra Gem, and Cameo, Heavy Cameo and Ultra Heavy Cameo.

Price Guide for Canadian Coins, Professional Edition
The chapter called 'Finding Value' is designed to help collectors find value in the market place. Price changes over the past eight years for basic coins are also included, using information from the last four issues of this guide.

Two appendices help you to quickly identify tokens, their Breton Numbers, and in which subsection their Listings and pricing can be found.

Basics on coin collecting and grading, including obverse images are also included in this comprehensive reference for Canadian Coins. Paperback, 632 pages. Item #40700.
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