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A Guide Book of
Lincoln Cents
Updated Third Edition
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Generations of Americans have grown up with the iconic Lincoln Cent. Item Following the Lincoln Obverse 100th anniversary (and the Bicentennial of Lincoln's birth), David Bowers has authored this detailed study of a great American classic coin. Bowers writes that “Lincoln cents are among the most fascinating coins in the entire American series. Believe it or not, they also offer some of the greatest challenges.”  In this single volume, you will find the history of the coin's seven reverse designs, an inside look at the minting process, and learn how to grade your Lincoln Cents, including proofs, along with expert advice on becoming a smarter buyer and collector. This updated edition also includes thorough market analysis for each date and mintmark, hundreds of new photographs, and a special appendix on error coins. New appendices show mall-cent patterns, Lincoln tokens and medals, and a gallery of Lincoln images created during his lifetime and mourning his death.  6" x 9" paperback, 320 pages. #794849970.
Guide Book of Lincoln Cents, Updated Third Edition.
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