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Half Dollar-size clear coin tubes
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American Coin Round Clear  Storage Tubes
$4.99 Each
Plus Shipping
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These Whitman round coin storage tubes have twist-off caps, and are made of archival quality, stay-clear, acid-free plastic. Great way to protect, store, and organize your coins.  To order, click on the add-to-cart button and select the coin denomination you want. To order multiple boxes of different denominations, select one denomination and click "add to cart." The shopping cart will return you to the page to select another denomination as a separate item.
Vinyl coin flip
Cent-size clear round coin tubes, 5-pack
Dime-size round coin storage tubes, 5-pack.
Quarter-size coin storage tubes, 5-pack.
Half-dollar size coin storage tubes, 4-pack,
Nickel-size round coin storage tubes, 5-pack.
Cent-size Tubes, 5-pack
Item #2840
Nickel-size Tubes, 5-pack
Item #2842
Tubes, 5-pack
Item #2844
Tubes, 5-pack
Item #2846
Half Dollar-size
Tubes, 4-pack
Item #2848
Large Dollar Coins clear storage tubes.
Large Dollar Coin-size
Tubes, 4-pack
Item #2850
American Silver Eagle clear storage tubes
American Silver
Eagle-size Tubes, 3-pack
Item #2852
Small Dollar Coin clear storage tubes.
Small Dollar Coin-size
(Sacagawea and Susan B Anthony) Tubes, 4-pack
Item #2854

6mm foam slug
These slugs are to "fill in" the tops of round storage tubes to protect coins from rattling around and rubbing together during shipping or transporting. 6mm deep, and sized to about 38mm, these plugs will work for Large Dollar, 39mm Silver Rounds and American Silver Eagle coin tubes. Pack of 100 slugs.
Item #954495.
$15.50 Each
Plus Shipping
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