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Color Coded Coin Storage Boxes
$5.50 Each
Plus Shipping
These sturdy, Guardhouse color-coded coin storage boxes measure 2" wide, 2" high, and 8-1/2" long, and will hold up to 100 paper holders with coins. The covering is slip resistant, and the color coding for coin denominations is based on bank standards. Ideal for storing and organizing your coin flips or 2x2 inserts.
Vinyl coin flip
2x2 cent coin storage box, red
2x2 Cent Storage Box, Red
2x2 cent coin storage box, blue
2x2 Nickel Storage Box,
Blue #2183
2x2 dime storage box, green
2x2 Dime Storage Box,
Green, #2184
2x2 Quarter coin storage box, orange.
2x2 Quarter Storage Box,
Orange, #2185
2x2 Half Dollar coin storage box, brown.
2x2 Half Dollar Storage Box, Brown, #2186
2x2 Dollar Coin storage box, tan
2x2 Dollar Coin Storage Box, Tan, #2187
2z2 Small Dollar Coin storage box, grey
2x2 Small Dollar Coin Storage Box, Grey, #2188
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Slip-resistant Covers
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