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Cash In Your Coins, 4th Edition
Selling The Rare Coins You've Inherited
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Cash In Your Coins Guidebook, soft cover
Have you inherited a Numismatic coin collection? This 336-page, soft cover edition of Cash In Your Coins will tell you how rare the coins are, and how to value and sell or donate them to liquidate the estate. Written by Beth Deisher, an award-winning writer and retired editor of Coin World wrote this book to inform and protect the millions of Americans who already collect coins, and the heirs who will someday inherit them. She has more than 35 years of experience helping people understand and collect coins, paper currency, medals and tokens. This 4th Edition has 32 more pages than the 3rd edition. New features include a comprehensive illustrated chapter on increasingly deceptive counterfeit coins. As a former director of the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation, Deisher brings plenty of expertise to the subject, and she shares invaluable advice for anyone unfamliar with coins, and even long-time collectors.

Current information is crucial for in making wise decision about your collection such as declaring values, organizing tax-exempt charitable donations, figuring capital gains and losses, and more, with updated sections for navigating the often-confusing maze of Federal and state tax laws, trades and exchanges. Other sections cover how to create an inventory, managing an independent appraisal, and finding a trustworthy coin dealer.

This book includes photos and specifications of every U.S. coin type, including modern issues of the U.S. Mint, a bibliography for further research, and expanded bullion value charts. If you're an active collector, you need a copy of this book in your safe deposit box, to be readily accessible to those who inherit your collection. Item #79484832.
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