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Canadian Ten-Cent Coin Collecting Folders
$5.99 Each
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Canadian dime coin collecting folder 2, 1937-1989
Home Page > Coin Collecting Supplies > Canadian Coin Collecting Folders > Whitman Canadian 10-Cent Coin Folders
Store, organize and display your Canadian dimes in these 5-3/4" by 7-3/4" Whitman classic blue folders! Each folder has slots for each of the dates of that coin, and feature Whitman's secure snap-in coin slots. Simply place the coin with one edge tipped into the hole, and then press the high edge down. Feel the snap? It's locked in! We have four volumes available for Canadian ten-cent coins--ranging in date from 1858 to 2012.
Canadian Dime Folder 1
1858-1936, Item #62044
Canadian Dime Folder 2
1937-1989, Item #62052
Canadian Dime Folder 3
1990-2012, Item #62048
To order, choose the folder you want from the dropdown list below, then click "add to cart." You can order multiples of the same folder at that time, but to order a different folder, you need to click "continue shopping" in the shopping cart, then choose the additional folder separately.
Canadian dime coin collecting folder 1, 1858 to 1936
Canadian dime coin collecting folder 3, 1990-2012.