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Guide Book of United States
Commemorative Coins
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U.S. Commemorative coins represent many aspects of America, from Olympic Games to epic battles, from Presidents to National Parks. Collecting commemorative coins is like compiling a photo album of the nation's history. Individual collectors can build a set with its own unique significance. Q. David Bowers chronicles the history of those commemorative coins in the United States from 1892 to present day, with a description of how a commemorative develops from initial concept to final coinage. On the technical and production side, he details die preparation, the coining process, mintages, Proof and assay coins, and distribution. This handy reference also offers advice on how to build your collection, evaluate quality, and become a smart buyer. Further details includ certification, population reports, registry sets, establishing fair market prices, and more. The Appendice features an informative interview with a commemorative coin designer from the Artistic Infusion Program and a wealth of designs considered for recent commemoratives. This P304 page, paperback volume is a single-volume library for anyone interested in the people, places, and events that make America great, and how they are honored in our nation's coins. Item #794844197.
US Commemorative Coin Guide Book
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