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Illustrated Reference Guide
for 5 Cents Coins of Canada
Part 1
Plus Shipping
This 416 page illustrated guide to 5 Cents Canadian coins includes 764 different coins, with over 1,500 images.  Coins listed and illustrated include: Regular Business Issue Coins, Specimen Coins, Variety Coins, Pattern Coins, Error Coins, Special Issue Commemorative Coins, Countermarked Coins, Replica Coins, and Counterfeit Coins

Over 1,500 images helps you identify the features of the coins, with nearly 5,200 price points, over 60 obverse imagines to help with grading, brief histories of each monarch found on the obverses, and images to identify the different obverses and reverses found on 5 cents coins minted from 1858 to 1936.  8-1/4" x 5-1/4" Paperback, 416 pages. Item #40473.
5 Cents Coins of Canada Illustrated Reference Book
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