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2024 Blue Book Handbook of U.S. Coins
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First introduced in 1942, the Whitman Publishing Blue Book quickly became a go-to resource for dealers and collectors alike, with comprehensive listings of the average prices paid by dealers for U.S. coins by date, type, and mint mark. The Official Blue Book as it later came to be known, has been used by dealers and collectors to price coins for 81 years.

Collectors use it to find out what their coins are worth. The Blue Book provides reliable information collected by dealers from across the country. This 81st Edition includes updated prices, special feature articles, and many new photos, covering Colonial and Early American coins, Federal coins from half cents to gold double eagles, commemorative coins, proof and mint sets, the latest Presidential dollars, and much more. Easy-to-use grading instructions help you determine the worth of your coins by condition. Listings range from 1600 to today, with historic information and hundreds of detailed, full-size photos. Soft cover, convenient  5.25" by 7.25" size. Item #794850219.
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2024 Blue Book Handbook of US Coins