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2019 Coin Digest, 17th Edition
Complete Guide to Current Market Values
Plus Shipping
The U.S. Coin Digest is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use color guide to United States coins on the market, with professionally vetted values, complete coin listings, and detailed coin images. The lay-flat design of this book makes it easy to search and compare images to your coins.

Its 320 pages include:
U.S. coin issues to 2017
Real-market coin values
2,000 color images for easy identification
11 grades of coin condition
Early and Modern Commemoratives
Colonial and Early American Coins and Tokens
Bullion coins
Private Gold coins
Mint and Proof sets
Coins of Hawaii, Philippines and Puerto Rico

Whether you have a massive collection or just a jar of coins to sort through, the U.S. Coin Digest is the indispensable resource to use.
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2019 U.S. Coin Digest, paperback, 320 pages