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2024 Red Book Price Guide
of  United States Coins,
Paperback, Spiral Bound
Plus Shipping
The best-selling official Red Book is a collector's best friend, with values listed grade-by-grade, plus historical background, auction records, detailed specifications for each coin, high-resolution photos for comparison to your own coins, and accurate details on each coin's mintage. Want to know how rare your own coins are, and how much they are worth? You'll find the answers in the Red Book on everything from Early American copper tokens to the silver dollars of the Old West to U.S. gold coins--in all, more than 32,000 prices for 7600 coins. Educate yourself about U.S. commemorative coins, proof and mint coins, plus rare and valuable error coins, and other "collectibles." Learn about  coins ranging from Civil War tokens and Confederate coins to the latest American Women series of quarters, Native American dollars, Lincoln cents and much more. Informative articles on investing in and grading coins and spotting counterfeits will make you a better-informed and savvy collector. Essays on American coins and the modern market for rare coins broadens your knowledge of the fascinating hobby of coin collecting. These are just some of the features you'll find inside the 464-page, spiral-bound Red Book, in a handy 7.7 by 5.5 inch size that is convenient to carry with you to coin shows, or to evaluate your own collection. Item #794850146.
2024 Red Book Guide to US Coins, spiral-bound paperback
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