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2024 Red Book Mega Red
Guidebook to U.S. Coins
Plus Shipping
The Mega Red is an extended version of the best-selling Red Book guide to U.S. Coins, and has many more prices and grades than the standard Red Book. Its comprehensive listings range from copper tokens and half cents to $20 Gold Eagles. It also includes U.S. proof and mint sets, notable  medals, coin mistakes and other rare collectibles, plus commemorative coins, and bullion. Listings date from the American Revolution to present day. All the information you want about U.S. Coins is in this extended edition Mega book!  The Mega Red Guides also include a special feature in each edition. The 9th Edition feature is on Quarter Gold Eagles. Item #794850197.
2024 Mega Red 9th Edition Guidebook to U.S. coins
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